A good social behaviour is defined as etiquette. The following guidelines should be used for a good social behaviour.
                                         From Left Hon. Nyarando na Rulea Sanga


1. Always be polite.

There is no occasion when it is right to be rude. By being polite, you give due respect to the person you are interacting with.

2. Avoid Swearing.
Sometimes people think swearing helps in building a good rapport but instead of that it shows a lack in your confidence.
3. Control your pitch while speaking.
While talking on a phone or with others, keep a watch on your volume. A high volume can be annoying to others and does not reflect well of yourself.
4. Control your temper.
An emotionally charged behaviour always leaves a bad impression on people so it becomes important to control yourself and any negative feelings you harbour.
5. Avoid Staring.
Resist the temptation to give your undivided attention to what someone else is doing. It may be intimidating to that person.
6. Show some Dress Sense.
Dressing sense and grooming is very important in creating first impressions. A well groomed individual is always appreciated.