The glory of God was felt in the atmosphere as congregants expressed gratitude to God in different ways. Through songs of praise and worship coupled with the testimonies, God’s goodness in their lives was declared with joy and gracefulness. The SCOAN Sunday service of August 7, 2016, above every other thing, opened the eyes of all Christians to the fact that they are more than they see themselves. This eye opener came with the thought-provoking message of Evangelist Chloe tilted A PURPOSE LARGER THAN YOURSELF.

Evangelist Chloe reminded Christians of their true identity as children of God and how some have always short-changed themselves by dwelling on themselves and the situations around them instead of focusing on Christ Jesus, the author and finisher of their faith. “When a little hard time comes, we get overwhelmed and feel as if the end has come,” she submitted, insisting that “the only way to see life clearly is to focus on Christ alone.” She enlightened Christians further on their true identity in Christ Jesus, stressing that they are not ordinary as they have always seen themselves among the crowd. “We are called not to be among the masses out there who move without direction,” she posited.

She also called on Christians to attune themselves to the fact that by His death on the Cross of Calvary, they are redeemed. She said, “The only way to feel good about yourself is to believe and accept what Jesus has done for you on the Cross.” Alluding to the story of Job who held on and focused on God, in spite of all the calamities that befell him, Evangelist Chloe maintained that a man’s heart is what his thoughts are. In other words, the more we ponder over our situation, the more we get dejected and allow the devil to torment us more and more. Job was able to overcome his calamities with the latter glory that came in a hundred-fold because all along, he never lost his focus on God.

Concluding, she left the following advice for Christians all over the world – “Just as satan loses no time in plotting against us, we too should lose no time in committing ourselves to God.”