Be a change to your self!

A change in your life depends on the inner you! The inner you depends on what you are feeding it! We will remain to be victims of our past situations, we will remain to blame others and life situations, we will remain in fear of life, etc if we don’t take steps to change our inner person!

Our inner growth depends much on what we have and what we learn father told me that ” if you stop learning you stop growing ”

We sometimes need to stop and ask ourself, what am I learning that still keeps me stuck on where i am?, what do I need to learn more and more to grow from where I am.

I have come to realize in this life, most of the problems we have can be a result of either
Learning and Believe in a wrong knowledge
Doesn’t have any knowledge in the concerned area! (Ignorance)

We all need a change in some point in our life’s by having a Teachable Spirit!
Yes …….that’s all is needed!
Ready to learn with an open mind in every area of your life!

Welcome to the journey of learning!

Make a priority to learn!
Make a priority to be a change to your self.
Make a priority to be an expert of your life.
Choose to be a change to your self.

Choose To Invest In Your Personal Life

Pastor Feliciana Senas