I have listened to him very carefully. He took time to explain about the outcome of American Election. I really understood something from his explanation . For my understanding, there's nothing wrong with the prophecy, what is wrong is people did not understand it. Hillary won the popular vote after trump election and that is what exactly the man of God said. No prophecy has been altered here. Let me tell you something, in some situations bible even said prophecy may fail, so all is still well, even God said he will destroy Israel but the Bible recorded that He repented after mosses told him if you distory this people they will think you dont have power to save them. 

What I know; Same people spoken good on you, they may stay against you sometimes! You should focusing on your calling. No one should blame Prophet TB Joshua. He stated what he saw, almost all he said were accurate.he is human and not God and has never claimed to be. It's only the Almighty God that has a final say. May God help me and others to understand spiritual matters, because many people in their closet they are/was against him on the prophecy. All I will say is may almighty God forgive all those that rain insults on the prophet because of the prophesy......God always reign. John Shabani