Prophet T.B. Joshua, just back from Ecuador where he had gone to commission a school built and presented to a community by Emmanuel TV Team, engaged congregants in his usual thought-provoking manner with a message title – God Cannot Use A Discouraged Servant. He emphasized on the fact that God cannot use a discouraged servant, adding that satan has a way of making people overwhelmed, worried. Therefore, we must overcome such attitudes that lead to discouragement.

Prophet T.B. Joshua further spoke about the attitude of a true Christian to unpleasant situations that tend to question his or her faith. According to the man of God, the Christian race is made more glorious when we encounter challenges on the way, because such challenges remind us of God: “The beauty of our journey is when you are going and something is there to punch you.” In other words, whatever setback a true Christian encounters in life is actually for his or her own good as it could set him or her up for a new level in life.

Continuing, he observed that trials to a Christian are like an examination which would eventually lead to his promotion both spiritually and materially. As such, he declared that we would always value our promotion when we pass through the examination without complaining: “When you are not sitting for an examination, how will you value the promotion.” The man of God also added that, “If you don’t sweat while studying, how will you value your certificate?”

Concluding, he urged Christians to see their situations as friends and not as enemies, adding that no situation is meant to destroy us but to improve our relationship with God: “Our situation reminds us of God because it is meant to improve us.”

Congregants were able to see clips of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s trip to Ecuador where a new set of classrooms equipped with learning materials was presented to a community in a remote part of the country. The man of God and the Emmanuel TV crew were seen passing through very rugged and undulating terrains to access the remote community that was once ravaged by an earthquake. The man of God used the medium to encourage Christians all over the world to give for noble causes such as helping the needy educationally.

Evangelist Justin

Evangelist Justin had earlier delivered a message titled LET YOUR HEART BE ENGAGED WITH GOD. According to him the best way to put satan off our lives is by not allowing him to sow his seeds of doubt in our hearts, because when we allow him, he would begin to make us doubt our place in God’s creation. He summed up his message in the following words: “Mind management is the first priority for an overcomer. The management of the heart and its thoughts is fundamental to our faith and holy living. The heart must be purified by faith and entire for God. Faith is the cause of victory, the means, the instrument and the spiritual armour by which we overcome sin, satan and the world.”