The atmosphere reverberated with the spectacular yet edifying delivery of The SCOAN choir which livened up congregants as they joined in expressing their deference to God through beautiful songs of praise and worship. The testimonies that followed brightened the configuration of the day as it reminded the children of God that He is still saying something, no matter the situation they are passing through.

Prophet T.B. Joshua engaged the minds of congregants as he admonished them to allow the Word of God take deep roots in their hearts. According to him, the only way Christians can have an uninterrupted latitude to God is to allow His Word to dwell in their hearts. “When the Word dwells in you, rules you and lives in you, it produces prayer fruits. The Word dominating you becomes the Lordship of Christ in you. You must let the Word have right of way in your life. Letting the Word have right of way in your life is letting Christ Himself have right of way in your life”, he said.

Frowning at the desperate refusal of men to wait on God, the man of God observed that people now copy one another just because they want to remain relevant. He however warned that prosperity is not an evidence that one is called by God. He said. “Prosperity is not evidence that you are called to do the job from Heaven. You can be very rich, prosperous in what you are doing but that does not prove that you are called to do it; the end will prove that what you are doing is your calling from God… Today, everything is copied because no one is patient enough to wait for God… The beginner is not the owner of the job but the finisher.”

Concluding, the man of God urged Christians to unite and live in love. He also encouraged them to love their enemies and neighbours. He explained that our neighbours could be those who do not share the same faith with us. We should love them all. This is the teaching Jesus left behind. “Christians unite by love, their love sees beyond enemies and attack but religious law does not see beyond attack – what you do to them, they do to you.”