During penultimate Sunday service, the man of God, while ministering to the congregation, prophesied about a woman who was having the issue of blood. His words were as follows:“There is a woman, you put on a pad – it is not your period. You have been like that for some time now. Sometimes, when you don’t have money, you use a rag just to stop whatever is coming out of your body. It’s no longer just blood; your system is damaged. Please, come out; Jesus loves you. You know Jesus can stop it. Remember the woman with the issue of blood. Come out and enjoy the grace”. Coming out of the congregation, the woman confirmed the prophecy to be true about her life. The man of God delivered her immediately, declaring an end to her problem through Christ Jesus.

Testifying in company of her mother and two sisters, Miss Lianna Douglas, all the way from Trinidad and Tobago, recounted how she had suffered so much embarrassment as a result of the bleeding she was experiencing. According to her, as soon as she heard the prophecy, she was frozen with surprise. She explained that when the man of God stretched his hand towards her, she felt the power of God on her womb and could not help but fall to the ground. The bleeding ceased immediately she fell to the ground.
In an emotion-laden thanksgiving, Lianna’s mother said they placed a demand on the anointing of God in the man of God and were able to get the healing their daughter needed. “No more bleeding – it has stopped by the hand of God,” said Lianna’s mother as she continued to express her gratitude to God. On her own part, Lianna, overwhelmed with joy sang a song of praise to the Most High for healing her.
Brethren, as we submit our lives to the will of God, He will uphold us in His glory and set us high on the hill where His light in us cannot be hidden; then, we shall be called THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.
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