Saturday, January 31, 2015


On Sunday 25th January 2015, the atmosphere in The SCOAN reverberated with echoes of edifying anthems from the Emmanuel Singers who encouraged the congregation with soul-lifting songs. As indicated by the attentive yet participatory inclination of the entire congregation, the songs from the Emmanuel Singers served as forerunner to the moment of exhortation when the mind must be fed with spiritual food for thought.

Evangelist Catherine delivered a thought-provoking message titled DIG DEEP; FIGHT IT THROUGH. She captured the dynamics of the Christian race in uncertain and perilous times and put it in perspective from collective and individual angles. Citing the life of Apostle Paul as a typical example, she encouraged Christians to remain of good cheer in the face of all the trials and challenges that are part of life.

“In Romans 7:15, Apostle Paul said, ‘I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.’ But despite the predicament he found himself in, he did not stop, he did not give up, he did not allow his weakness to pull him down or tear him apart; he continued to run the race, to fight the good fight and he kept his faith. Our God – powerful and faithful to His faithful ones – raised him to such an extent that we still look to and learn from Paul as one of the greatest apostles that ever lived”.

Explaining the concept DIG DEEP, Evangelist Catherine uncovered hidden facts about appearance, packaging and deception. Just like the popular advertising lingo “appearance is not reality”, she urged Christians not to judge things based on their face value or appearance because appearance could be deceptive. Sometimes, blessings are disguised as troubles and vice-versa. There are generous biblical exemplifications of this fact. The fig tree that Jesus cursed in the Bible appeared fruitful from face value but was actually full of leaves and fruitless.

Hence, according to Evangelist Catherine, the true Christian must be meticulous in his or her judgement by being thorough in analysing scenarios.

When times are hard, our tears and complaints are not the solution. Instead, our ability to dig deep and discern the lessons inherent in such experiences is most important. Using the experience of Moses and the Israelites in Egypt, she encouraged Christians to dig deep for the voice of God in all circumstances rather than allow themselves to be distracted by the extraneous voices of their circumstances.

“Moses dug deep within him and heard the One who had sent him instructing him what to do. It is not difficult to act when you know God is speaking to you. Because Moses’ heart was deeply engaged with God, he was familiar with His voice, so when God spoke, Moses listened and obeyed what God told him to do. That voice on the inside was greater than the noise on the outside and following God’s instruction, the sea was parted in two and the Israelites with Moses safely walked through”.

Bemoaning the panicky and defeatist attitudes of most Christians in the face of trouble, Evangelist Catherine counselled the congregation to seek direction from the throne of grace rather than cling to the promptings of the human thinking and flesh. “When trouble comes, many run to the strong arm of institutions, medicine or flesh but according to God’s Word, we are to run to the throne of grace as a chosen people, a royal priesthood, God’s special possession called out of darkness into God’s glorious light to praise His holy name”.

According to Evangelist Catherine, every human being is shaped by the predominant thoughts he or she continually harbours. In other words, we are what we think. It is on this basis that she counselled Christians to think like champions and conquerors which they really are and look up to God in times of trouble believing strongly that He is able to see them through whatever life throws at them.

“I want you to think differently, talk differently, look differently, behave differently – knowing that Someone stronger, smarter, more powerful than you is for you, not against you, is fighting just for you and is more powerful than the combined forces of earth and hell. He wants to see you through whatever life brings. Whether the goings are good or tough and unpredictable, He wants to see you through – if only you give God a chance to prove it”.

God’s Word will never return to Him void without accomplishing that which it is sent to accomplish and the songs of praise and thanksgiving will never depart from His house. The following testimonies proclaim the wonderful works God is doing at The SCOAN through His anointed servant Prophet T.B. Joshua. Just believe and you too shall a partaker of His glory!

During the Saturday Prayer Line service, Prophet T.B. Joshua introduced the eagerly awaited, ‘Morning Water’, ministering it to several people in the prayer line who came with severe afflictions. The results were extraordinary as with just a spray, sickness bowed the knee to the name of Jesus Christ and evil spirits behind infirmities were forced to get out. The following day, several of those who were ministered to with the Morning Water returned to share their triumphant testimonies!

Mr Kalu Kalu was in agony. Literally, each movement was accompanied by searing and shooting pain that made even a mere attempt to walk hellish. An accident in April 2014 left a fracture in his vertebrae compounded by a disc compression. His job in the civil service was threatened as he could no longer perform any of his duties due to the debilitating condition. A surgical operation was recommended by doctors but Mr. Kalu’s faith rested on God’s power.

Sitting down watching Emmanuel TV last week, he was amazed to discover The SCOAN Saturday Prayer Line service would hold the following week. By God’s grace, he made the difficult, painful journey to Lagos and was arranged at the Prayer Line. Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered the Morning Water upon Mr. Kalu’s hands, telling him to place them on any part of his body which was in pain. He rubbed the Morning Water upon his back and suddenly rose to his feet! “It was as if something came out of me and the pain just disappeared,” Mr. Kalu told the congregation. For the first time in eight long months, he was able to walk by himself. Returning home that night, he slept peacefully without pain for the very first time since his accident! Indeed, Mr. Kalu was able to genuinely greet his health ‘Good Morning!’

The dawn had awoken. Mr. Victor Aghedo stirred from his sleep. He tried to get out of bed but his legs remained immobile. Attempting to sit up, a wave of pain hit him. It was agonizing. Unable to get up from the bed, Victor desperately beckoned on his wife. That was the beginning of two long months characterized by constant pain. He literally relied on his wife for everything – even to go to the toilet! Several medical tests could not ascertain exactly what had happened to Mr. Aghedo but the facts remained the same – he could not walk.

Painfully struggling to make his way to The SCOAN accompanied by his wife, Victor sat at the Prayer Line and pleaded with God for mercy as Prophet T.B. Joshua approached. Moved upon seeing his plight, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave the Morning Water to Mr Victor’s wife and told her to minister it to him. ‘But I am not a pastor,’ she internally questioned. She poured the Morning Water into her husband’s mouth twice. Suddenly, the man who had been practically bed-bound for the last two months jumped to his feet with the athleticism of a young man! “The pain just disappeared,” Mr. Aghedo joyfully testified to The SCOAN congregation. He advised them to believe nothing is impossible with God’s power, stating that he personally drove to the church the following morning and walked by himself into the auditorium to authenticate the mightiness of the miracle he received! Thank You, Jesus Christ!

The numbing paralysis continued creeping slowly across her entire body. What began with heaviness and weakness in her lower limbs soon deteriorated into full-blown paralysis for Miss Milla Yvonne, a young Cameroonian. Her educational aspirations were blighted by the onset of the ailment which doctors concluded was due to spinal degeneration. As her condition worsened, Milla’s faith strengthened as she courageously decided to make Emmanuel TV a constant companion and believe God for healing.

When it was announced that The SCOAN Saturday Service had returned, Milla, joined by her brother and mother, decided to make the difficult journey from Cameroon. Braving all the odds against them, including language barrier, they made it to The SCOAN for the Prayer Line service. Milla was seated in a vehicle when Prophet T.B. Joshua approached. He called for Milla’s brother to come forward and ministered the Morning Water on his hands before telling him to minister it to his sick sister. As he followed the instruction in righteousness and Milla received the Morning Water, her limbs which had been numb and lifeless suddenly began to shake! The resurrection power of God pulsated through her entire body and suddenly, Milla rose up and began to walk! Her mother and brother fell to the floor in an emotional display of appreciation to God as Milla began walking and even started to run!

For eight years, Mr. Prelati Luciano had an unusual nocturnal companion – a machine. After being diagnosed with a rare form of sleep apnea which was extremely dangerous, doctors prescribed a breathing machine, informing the Italian that he would have to use this machine every night for the rest of his life. Despite the use of the machine, Mr. Luciano would awake with irritability and restlessness. His breathing was both heavy and painful due to the condition.

Despite his skepticism, he accompanied his Nigerian wife to The SCOAN in Lagos to attend the Prayer Line together. By God’s grace, the very week they arrived in Nigeria was the time God spoke to Prophet T.B. Joshua to release the Morning Water. As he ministered the Morning Water to Mr. Luciano, he began to stagger, clearly under the influence of God’s power. Immediately afterwards, he testified that he could breathe freely without any hindrance. However, the full extent of the miracle was only to be revealed later that night. Taking a bold step of faith, Mr. Luciano decided to sleep without using the breathing machine. To the glory of God, he slept peacefully and awoke the following morning without the usual tiredness and tetchiness. “The Morning Water is very powerful,” were the Italian’s final words to viewers!

Mrs. Mariam Onwuche was facing a dilemma which seemed impossible to overcome when viewed with natural eyes. She and her husband were desperate for children but after two ectopic pregnancies ending in operations, both of her fallopian tubes had been surgically removed. Depressed and distraught, the medical authorities reluctantly informed the couple that it was impossible for them to ever have children.

However, a ray of hope shone upon their hearts as they discovered Emmanuel TV. Listening to Prophet T.B. Joshua and seeing the works of God rekindled their faith that with God all things are still possible. They watched the 2013/2014 Candlelight service with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua and joined him in prayer as they entered the New Year. Then, the miracle happened. That night after the prayer, Mrs. Onwuche had a dream in which Prophet T.B. Joshua came to her and told her not to worry as she would soon have her child and come to give her testimony. After meeting with her husband, a short time later, she became pregnant and true to the vision she had had, she came to The SCOAN to testify of the pregnancy.

Tears of joy etched the lines of her cheeks as she proudly stood with her husband and family to testify with their beautiful baby girl, Miracle Onwuche. She encouraged all others who had desire in their hearts to experience God’s power that distance is not a barrier. All they should do is believe, touch the screen by faith and get ready to come and share their own testimony of transformation.

A king? Godwin Nwaobu thought his community was playing a joke! The South-African based businessman had just returned to Enugu State when the unusual proposal of kingship was laid before him. Knowing the entanglements attached to such a position, Godwin decided not to respond immediately to the request, telling his kinsmen that he needed a year to ‘hear from God’ before taking a decision. ‘God? Where will you hear from God?’ many irreverently scoffed. Several months down the line with the deadline of his decision nearing, Godwin had yet to make up his mind. Confused and perplexed, he decided to visit a place where he knew God’s voice was clearly being spoken – The SCOAN.

Sitting down during the Monday Prophetic service, Mr. Nwaobu made an unusual vow. ‘If Prophet T.B. Joshua does not speak to me today, I will forget about this title.’ A short time later, as Prophet T.B. Joshua was prophesying in the midst of the congregation, he walked up to him. “I am seeing beads on your hand,” Prophet T.B. Joshua revealed. There were no visible beads to be seen and the two had never met themselves previously nor had Godwin revealed his dilemma to anyone. God had spoken. Confirmation from Heaven had been unveiled. Today, HRH Igwe Godwin Nwaobu of the Ugwuleshi Community in Enugu, Nigeria stood to testify that no word from God is void of fulfillment!


Thursday, January 29, 2015


Kazi ya Mungu hufanywa na walio wake, sasa ni wakati wako wewe mkazi wa Tegeta na jiji zima la Dar es Salaam kuungana na watumishi wa Mungu katika mkutano mkubwa wa Injili wa siku tatu Tegeta Kibaoni. Mkutano huu ni wa kurejeshewa vile vyote ulivyonyang'anywa na shetani. Umeteseka vya kutosha, Bwana anakwenda kukupumzisha kwa kupitia watumishi wake. Lichukulie jambo hili kwa umakini ukiwa na imani kuwa Mungu anakwenda kufanya jambo katika maisha yako, anakwenda kukuokoa, kukubariki, kukufariji, kukuponya, kukuimarisha kiafya, kubariki kazi ya mikono yako.

Mtume Peter Nyaga

Mtumishi wa Mungu Mtume Peter Nyaga wa kanisa la RGC Tabata Chang'ombe, Nabii Isaac Nyaga kutoka Kenya na mwenyeji wa kanisa la RGC Tegeta Mch. Isaac Mwiti watahakikisha unaondoka ukiwa wa tofauti kabisa na jinsi ulivyokuja, Bwana anakwenda kuwatumia kwa njia ya ajabu sana.

Tangazo limetengezwa na Rumafrica +255 715 851 523

Waimbaji watashusha uwepo wa Mungu kwa sifa na kuabudu siku hiyo, yaani wewe utakuwa ni mtu wa kupokea tu, iala unachotakiwa kufanya ni kujitakasa kwa damu ya Yesu Kristo na kutubu dhambi zako zote ili Mungu aweze kufanya makubwa katika maisha yako.


Mpendwa msomaji,  Je umewahi kuchukua muda japo mfupi, kuwaza sababu inayowafanya wanadamu kushidwa kuacha maovu?  Kila kukicha, mahakama zote nchini zinatoa adhabu kali kwa watu wanaofanya maovu mbalimbali; lakini maovu hayo hayaishi katika jamii, bali yanaongezeka.  Magereza yamejaa wafungwa hata nafasi ya kuwaweka haitoshi, lakini pamoja na  hayo, maovu hayaishi.
Askofu Mkuu Zachary Kakobe

Wako watu wengine wanaohukumiwa kunyongwa kwa sababu ya mauaji, na hilo ungeweza kufikiri lingepunguza idadi ya makosa ya mauaji, lakini ni kinyume, yanaongezeka.  Ziko nchi nyingine duniani ambako wezi wanapewa hukumu ya kukatwa mikono, lakini wizi hauishi.  Sehemu nyingi katika miji ya nchi yetu, siku hizi, wezi wengine wanapokamatwa na wananchi wenye hasira, kinyume cha sheria, wanachomwa moto kwa mafuta ya taa na kiberiti, wangali hai; na kufa kifo kibaya sana.  Katika hali ya kawaida, baada ya matukio haya, tungetazamia kuona wezi wakipungua katika jamii yetu, lakini, ni kinyume, wanaongezeka, bila kujali yatakayowapata!
Kwa mtazamo huuhuu, tungelitazamia kuisha kwa ubakaji na ulawiti baada ya kipitishwa sheria kali ya kujamiiana ambayo inawafanya walawiti na wabakaji wa watoto wadogo, kufungwa  gerezani maisha; lakini wapi!  Watu wanabaka na kulawiti mchana kweupe kama vile hawajui yatakayowapata!  Watu wengi sana wanakufa kwa Ukimwi. Karibu kila familia katika nchi yetu, imepoteza mtu mmoja au zaidi kutokana na janga la Ukimwi.  Katika hali ya nzito ya namna hii, tungetarajia kwamba watu wangeacha uasherati na uzinzi!  Lakini ni kinyume kabisa!  Idadi ya makahaba wanaouza miili yao imeongezeka kuliko, na uasherati umekithiri!  Mpendwa msomaji, unafikiria kiini cha tatizo ni nini?  Kwa nini wanadamu wanashindwa kuacha dhambi?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
        Ingawa wezi wanachomwa moto, wizi haushi. Kwa nini?
Kiini cha tatizo, ni dhambi ya asili iliyomo ndani ya kila mwanadamu.  Kila mwanadamu anazaliwa akiwa na asili ya dhambi ndani mwake.  Asili ya dhambi inamfanya kila mwanadamu kufanya dhambi. Asili ya dhambi iliyomo ndani ya mwanadamu, ndiyo mzizi wa dhambi zote anazozifanya mwanadamu. Kumpa adhabu yoyote mwanadamu na kufikiri ataacha ouvu, ni kama kukata matawi ya mti na kufikiri hayatachipua tena, wakati mizizi ya mti haikuguswa.
Biblia inasema katika ZABURI 51:5,”Tazama mimi naliumbwa katika hali ya uovu; mama yangu alinichukua mimba hatiani”.  Tunasoma pia katika ZABURI 58:3, “Wasio haki wamejitenga tangu kuzaliwa kwao; tangu tumboni wamepotea, wakisema uongo”.  Unaona hapa!  Wanadamu wote tangu tumboni mwa mama zetu tunakuwa na asili ya dhambi.  Asili hii ya dhambi inatokana na mtu wa kwanza kuwako duniani aliyeitwa Adamu, aliyefanya dhambi katika bustani ya Edeni.  Tunasoma katika WARUMI 5:12,”Kwa hiyo, kama kwa mtu mmoja dhambi iliingia ulimwenguni, na kwa dhambi hiyo mauti; na hivyo mauti ikawafikia watu wote kwa sababu wote wamefanya dhambi”.  Asili hii ya dhambi ndiyo inayomfanya mwanadamu kutenda dhambi tangu kuzaliwa kwake.
Mpendwa msomaji, kwa muda mfupi, hebu jaribu kuwaza juu ya watoto wadogo.  Mtoto mdogo akinyimwa titi na mamaye, atakasirika, kiasi cha kutumia mkono wake mdogo kumpiga kofi mamaye. Hasira hizi zinatoka wapi kwa mtoto mdogo?  Baba mmoja akamtuma mtoto mdogo kwenda kununua majani ya chai dukani.  Badala ya kununua majani ya chai,  mtoto huyo mdogo atanunua maandazi na kula hukohuko.  Kisha mtoto huyo atarudi nyumbani huku midomo imejaa mafuta ya maandazi. Ataulizwa, “Yako wapi majani ya chai?”  Atajibu, “Zile fedha nimenyang’anywa njiani.”  “Wewe mwongo, umenunua maandazi, huoni midomo yako imejaa mafuta?  Na vipande nya maandazi hivi hapa kwenye mashavu.”  “Hapana Baba, sijanunua maandazi”. Mtoto mdogo, uongo amefundishwa na nani?
Watakuwepo watoto wadogo wawili katika familia.  Ni wakati wa sikukuu, na hivyo mama yao atawanunulia nguo za sikukuu.  Kila mmoja atanunuliwa nguo tofauti na mwenzake.  Watoto hao sasa watavaa nguo hizo, na kisha watatoka kwenda kutembea.  Huko watakutana na mtoto mmoja mwingine ambaye atapiga kelele na kumwambia mmoja kati ya wale wawili waliovaa nguo mpya, “Hilooo, nguo yako siyo nzuri kama ya mwenzako!”  Tayari, mtoto huyo atakimbia moja kwa moja  mpaka kwa mama yake na kuanza kujigaragaza chini kwenye vumbi huku akivua nguo zake na kusema, ”Sitaki nguo hizi mbaya, nataka kama za mwenzangu”.  Wivu huu kwa watoto wadogo, unatoka wapi?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

           Wewe mwongo, umenunua maandazi, huoni midomo yako imejaa mafuta?   
Hebu mpe kitumbuamtoto mdogo, halafu mwambie amgawie mtoto mwenzie.  Itakushangaza Mtoto huyo atamgawia kipande kidogo sana kiasi ya kwamba hata akimpa hakishikiki mkononi. Ukimwambia  amgawie kipande kikubwa, atatikisa mabega na kusema, ”Sitaki”.  Choyo hii kwa watoto wadogo inatoka wapi?  Hii ndiyo dhambi ya asili anayozaliwa nayo kila mwanadamu.  Dhambi hii ya asili ndiyo itakayomfanya mtoto mdogo kuwa na hasira, chuki, wivu, kusema uongo, kupenda maovu kuliko kwenda kusali n.k.  Dhambi hii ya asili, itamfanya mtoto mdogo kutikisa viuno na kucheza dansi bila hata kufundishwa.
Kutokana na dhambi ya asili iliyomo ndani ya mwanadamu, mwanadamu anaweza akatamani kutenda mema yanayompendeza Mungu lakini akashindwa, akajikuta anafanya mabaya.  Biblia inaelezea juu ya hali hii katika WARUMI 7:15, 17-20, ”Maana sijui nifanyalo; kwa sababu lile nilipendalo, silitendi; bali lile nilichukialo ndilo ninalolitenda, Basi sasa si mimi nafsi yangu ninayetenda hilo, bali ni ile dhambi ikaayo ndani yangu.  Kwa maana najua ya kuwa ndani yangu, yaani ndani ya mwili wangu, halikai neno jema; kwa kuwa nataka, bali kutenda lililo jema sipati.  Kwa maana lile jema nilipendalo, silitendi; bali lile baya nisilolipenda ndilo nilitendalo.  Basi kama lile nisilolipenda ndilo nilitendalo, si mimi nafsi yangu nilitendaye, bali ni ile dhambi ikaayo ndani yangu”.  
            Namkumbuka dada mmoja aliniandikia barua na kutoa maelezo yafuatayo, “Mtumishi wa Mungu, mimi ni kahaba mkubwa sana, nashindwa kutulia na mwanaume mmoja.  Ninatembea na wanaume wengi sana kwa siku moja.  Maisha haya ya umalaya siyapendi, maana ni hatari sana kwa afya yangu hasa nikiwaza juu ya ugonjwa mbaya wa kisasa usiokuwa na dawa.  Kuna wakati huwa naamua nisifanye tena umalaya, lakini wapi, muda mfupi tu najikuta narudia maisha yaleyale mabaya.  Mtumishi wa Mungu, nifanye nini ili niweze kutulia na kuwa kama wanawake wengine waliojituliza?
                               Lile nilipendalo, silitendi bali lile nilichukialo ndilo
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                    
Mpendwa msomaji, najua unapenda kuishi maisha yanayompendeza Mungu, na kukaa naye milele mbinguni, ndiyo maana una dini; na wakati mwingine unajitahidi sana kusali.  Hata hivyo huenda wewe nawe unakutana na hali hii katika maisha yako.  Unatamani kuishi maisha yanayompendeza Mungu, lakini unajikuta unafanya maovu yanayomchukiza Mungu; na unawaza ufanye nini, kama dada huyu aliyeniandikia barua.  Ndiyo maana “note” hii  imeletwa kwako, kwa makusudi kamili ya Mungu; ili ujue yanayokupasa kufanya, na kukwepa kutupwa katika moto wa milele; maana watenda dhambi wote mahali pao ni katika ziwa liwakalo moto na kiberiti (UFUNUO 21:8).
Kama tulivyoona, mwanadamu anashindwa kuacha dhambi kwa sababu ya asili ya dhambi iliyomo ndani yake.  Njia pekee inayomuwezesha mtu kushinda dhambi, ni kuwa na asili mpya, kwa kuzaliwa upya au kuzaliwa mara ya pili.  Ndiyo maana Biblia inasema katika YOHANA 3:3, ”Yesu akajibu, akamwambia, Amin, amin, nakuambia, Mtu asipozaliwa mara ya pili, hawezi kuuona ufalme wa Mungu”.  Kuzaliwa mara ya pili, kwa maneno mengine, ni kuzaliwa kwa Roho (YOHANA 3:6).  Yesu Kristo, alipokuwa duniani, alijaribiwa sawasawa na sisi katika mambo yote bila kutenda dhambi (WAEBRANIA 4:14-15).  Siri ya yeye kushinda dhambi duniani, ilikuwa ni kwa sababu alizaliwa kwa Roho Mtakatifu (MATHAYO 1:18).  Asili ya dhambi kwa mwanadamu inatokana na mtu mmoja Adamu.  Katika kuzaliwa kwa Yesu, kutokana na bikira Mariamu kuchukua mimba kwa uwezo wa Roho Mtakatifu, mbegu ya mwanaume haikuwa na nafasi, hivyo asili ya dhambi ya Adamu haikuwamo ndani ya Yesu. Vivyo hivyo sisi nasi tukizaliwa kwa Roho, tutapata uwezo wa kushinda dhambi tukiwa hapahapa duniani.  Watu wanaosema haiwezekani kuokoka duniani, hawajui kwamba hatuwezi kuokoka duniani tukiwa katika hali hii ya asili, mpaka tuzaliwe mara ya pili, kwa Roho.
Tunazaliwaje mara ya pili au kwa roho?  Jibu, ni rahisi sana.  Jambo hili linafanyika kwa imani tu!  Kwa imani, tunakiri kwambi sisi ni wenye dhambi, kisha tunaungama dhambi zetu zote kwa kumaanisha kuziacha na kuomba kwamba tuumbwe upya katika Kristo Yesu ili tuweze kutenda matendo mema (WAEFESO 2:8-10;  MITHALI 28:13).  Tukifanya hivi, kwa ghafla tunakuwa viumbe vipya na ndani mwetu kunakuwa na asili mpya inayotuwezesha kushinda dhambi bila jitihada zozote!  Kuokoka ni muujiza wa ajabu.
Je, uko tayari kuokoka au kuzaliwa mara ya pili?  Najua uko tayari.  Basi fuatisha sala hii kwa dhati. “Mungu wangu, hakika mimi ni mwenye dhambi, kwa kuzaliwa na kwa kutenda.  Natubu dhambi zangu zote kwa kumaanisha kuziacha.  Mungu wangu, nisamehe dhambi zangu zote, na kuniumba upya katika Kristo Yesu, ili nizaliwe mara ya pili sasa, nikiwa na asili mpya inayoniwezesha kushinda dhambi.  Kwa imani, napokea  msamaha na kuamini kwamba nimezaliwa mara ya pili sasa katika Jina la Yesu.  Amen”.  Mpendwa, tayari sasa umeokoka. Ili uzidi kuwa na ushindi dhidi ya dhambi, inakupasa kuhudhuria mafundisho katika Kanisa linalohubiri wokovu (ZABURI 119:11).  MUNGU AKUBARIKI!!!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Zipo Baraka nyingi kwa yeyote atakaye “share “ ujumbe huu katika Facebook, Twitter n.k,  kwa ndugu, jamaaa na marifiki ili nao wapate nafasi ya kusoma ujumbe huu na kubarikiwa kama wewe ulivyo barikiwa. Kwasababu hii share ujumbe huu kwa kubonyeza neno“ share” lililopo chini ya “note” hii, kwa kufanya hivyo ujumbe huu utafika kwa watu wengi. Hakika, Baraka za Mungu zitakuwa nawe.

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Hakuna mtu asiyeijua siku ya wapendanao (Valentine Day) hapa dunia, na kama wapo basi ni watu wachache sana. GET TOGETHER Entertainment baada ya kuona umuhimu wa siku hii, imeamua kuandaa mahali tulivu na salama kwa wapendanao kukutana na kubadilishana mawazo na kuutafakari mwaka 2015. Shughuli nzima itafanyika usiku ambapo watu wataanza kuingia kuanzia saa 12:00 jioni kuwahi viti vyao. Hii ni siku ambayo kila kitu kitaonekana katika muonekano wa wekundu. Burudani, vinywaji na vyakula siku hiyo vitataapkaa mezani kwaajili yako wewe uliyeamua kufika eneo la zuri lenye mvuto wa kipekee. Utakuwa unajiuliza ni wapi hapo? Tukio hili litafanyika Princes Hall Sinza Mapambano, ukifika hapo utaona barabara ya vumbi mkono wako wa kushoto kama umetokea Mwenge, fuata hiyo barabara na utaona ukumbi uko barabarani kabisa.Watu wataweza kuingia kwa kiiingilio kidogo sana, Single ni Tshs. 10,000 na Double ni Tshs. 20,000 tu.
Waimbaji wamejipanga kisawasawa kama utakavyowaona katika tangazo hapo chini. Tangazo limetengezwa na Rumafrica For All Nations +255 715 851 523


Being respected by name and reputation alone? Turning heads as you walk down the street? Being asked for autographs? The public life of the famous seems glamorous and desirable for many of us. While some get lucky by accident, wikiHow can teach you how to take advantage of your opportunities to become famous, how you want to be famous: by doing what you love.

Rulea Sanga (rigth) with redio presenter from Uhuuru Radio 95.7FM

Part 1 of 4: Building Talent

1. Decide what you'll be famous for.
Do you want to out-cook Gordon Ramsay? Do you want to record duets with Beyonce or sell novels like J.K. Rowling? Selecting a fame-worthy career is the first step toward becoming famous.
Artistic careers like music, acting, writing, or painting require one to build a "business of one." You'll have to sell yourself in any of these fields and build a name for yourself, which is some level of fame. If someone you've never met knows your name, that's a level of fame.

We associate careers in the arts--actors and musicians--with "fame," but any public figure qualifies as famous. Politicians, football coaches, local business owners, and even weathermen are recognizable in the grocery store.

Consider public service. Doctors, lawyers, and firemen can become locally or regionally famous for their deeds. You don't need to be Kanye West to consider yourself famous.

2. Be the best. Sounds simple, right?
To become famous at whatever it is you hope to become famous for requires that you perfect the craft of that particular thing. Devote yourself entirely to developing your skills. If you want to record rap music, or become a pro football player, you have to throw yourself into that world completely.
Forget fame at this stage. Kendrick Lamar, one of the hottest, most famous recent rappers to appear on the scene, is famous because of his extreme dedication to his craft and the art that he makes, not because he wanted to be famous.

YouTube is filled with hopeless fame-seekers who skipped this step entirely and jumped right into marketing their terrible music full-time. No one will want to listen to your music if it doesn't strike some chord with them. Wait until it's good enough, until your music is better than what you hear on the radio.[1]
Music that's "so bad it's good" falls under the category of infamy. Still, you're striking some chord with an audience. Acts like Krispy Kreme, Die Antwoord, and rapper Riff Raff still know an incredible amount about the music they're making, and how to build a lot of irony into it. Rebecca Black's "Friday" and the limited fame she received from it was the result of a professional marketing campaign.

3. Find mentors.
Find someone who does what you want to do better than you do it and learn everything you can. When you're better than them, find someone else and continue the learning process. If you want to be an actor, study with the best teachers, watch all the films of your favorite actors, and write to them for advice. If you want to write poetry, read nothing but poetry. Study it, copy it out, read it out loud, write it on the walls of your bedroom.
4. Be unique.
Being unique is critical to fame. If you're an actor, what sets you apart from everyone else trying out for plays? What will make someone remember you? Steve Buscemi has one of the most memorable faces and vocal deliveries in Hollywood films, but isn't what you would call traditionally handsome. His charm is his unique ability to portray a character.
5. Learn as much as you can about the field you want to crack into.

If you want to write popular novels that sell millions of copies and are turned into major motion pictures, you'll need to know what kind of novels sell well and what kind of novels people want to read. Read them, but don't copy them. Everyone wants something new and accessible. Look at the style of the novels but consider new kinds of characters, situations, and structures that aren't being written.
If you want to become a famous trial lawyer, you're not going to be able to do anything too radically different--you still have to convince a jury of someone's guilt or innocence. But, the style of your delivery, demeanor, and even fashion can be a way of distinguishing yourself. Likewise, your advertisements. Marketing yourself in a unique way is a great way to build a client or fan base, whatever your field.

Part 2 of 4: Creating Opportunities

1.Brand yourself.
If your goal is to become famous, think of yourself as a salesman who needs to market a product. People need to buy into the idea of you. Something about you needs to strike a chord with them, whatever it may be. Your "thing," whatever it is, needs to guide all the decisions you make in developing your fame. Your brand should dictate the way you talk to people, the way you advertise, the way you dress, and the way you create.

When the Beatles were the most popular band in the land, The Rolling Stones presented themselves as the alternative: wild where the Beatles were ordered, overtly sexual where they were chaste. The music was similar and backstage, they were not dissimilar, but the marketing was made the Stones completely different.

2. Get the word out.
Contact the local paper or TV station about your current creative project, or get in touch with a local radio show about your band. Prove yourself as a good guest and interview subject

3. Turn disadvantages into strengths.
Any opportunity for press is a good opportunity. If you make complex craft beer for sophisticated drinkers and the paper wants to interview you about alcoholism, use it as an opportunity to distinguish yourself from the Bud Lite crowd. Actors are particularly good at turning bad press into an opportunity for redemption.
Early career politicians are a particularly good example of this. Barack Obama took the disadvantage of his lack of executive experience and turned it into a strength--he was a fresh face, and against "business as usual." His unique life story (son of a Kenyan, born in Hawaii and raised in Kansas) was presented as an American narrative.

4. Risk failure.
Have confidence that your brand, product, and yourself are worthy of fame. You have to put yourself out there to succeed. If you think, "I'll never get that part in that play, so I'll just not try out," you're definitely right. You'll never get it. But if you do try out, you may surprise even yourself. Risk sending your book to the publisher, or booking a gig at a big festival. If you're dedicated to your craft and to creating the best work you can, you'll succeed eventually.

Avoid "networking." We've all met an aggressive collector of business cards and shameless Facebook-friender. The problem with overt networking is that it communicates "What can you give me?" rather than "How can this relationship be mutually beneficial?"
Be realistic in your aims and avoid "carpet-bombing" marketing campaigns of yourself.[2] Hip-hop publications probably aren't interested in interviewing your bluegrass band, and you're unlikely to get invited back to the wine festival with your craft beers.

Part 3 of 4: Maintaining Fame

1. Surprise people with your depth.
Distinguishing yourself in other ways and becoming more than a "one note" is the best way to maintain your fame and ensure that it grows and lasts more than fifteen minutes. Involve yourself with charitable causes or philanthropy to help people see you in a different light. Donate your time and efforts to causes you believe in.
President of Republic of Tanzania, Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete (left) with Gospel Singer from Tanzania. Flora Mbasha

2. Do other things.
A reality television star occasionally outlives their moment in the sun by developing notable skills and talents. Ethan Zohn won a season of the television show Survivor, but transitioned into organizing grassroots soccer clubs and being a sports commentator and was on the cover on "Livestrong" magazine in 2012 (more than ten years after winning the show) after beating cancer and training for marathons.

An actor with a musical talent could either become a punch-line or a source of depth and respect. Treat your other ventures with as much intent and consideration of your brand as your main career.
3. Surround yourself with famous people.
Once you've ascended, stay on top by being "spotted" with other celebrities, working alongside other famous people, and staying visible. Rapper Nelly is several years removed from his hottest period in the late 90s and early 2000s, but as a talent judge on on television singing competitions, he stays relatively successful as a result of that early fame.
Part 4 of 4: Getting Famous Without Talent

1. Apply for reality television programs in Britain and the US.
While the stature and duration of celebrity associated with reality television has waned somewhat in the US, British reality celebrities are often front-page news. For your audition tape or interview, consider the same branding and marketing of yourself based on your unique qualities and character. Reality programs are looking for uninhibited characters.

Watch lots of reality programs and figure out what might work best for you. If your only goal is getting on television for a minute or two, try out for American Idol and perform badly or humorously and hope for a gag reel.
2. Develop relationships with famous people.
Hanging out at Hollywood bars and befriending or even developing romantic relationships with famous people is a way of becoming famous. The spouses of politicians, whether they like it or not, are thrust into the spotlight.
3. Distinguish yourself on the internet.
Making humorous or informational YouTube videos is a good way to become famous. Cultivate a following on Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with your fan base.
Successful YouTube entrepreneurs are often hired by YouTube to produce content, on a case by case basis. "Daym Drops Super Official Food Reviews" is basically just a guy (Daym) eating fast food in his car while parked and talking about it enthusiastically. He's been on the Jimmy Fallon show and other mainstream media, with each video receiving tens of thousands of views because of his charisma and sense of humor.
4. Distinguish between fame and infamy.
Jeffrey Dahmer is a household name, but not famous in the way that you want to be. Doing something criminal is a shortcut you don't want to take.
Shaming yourself on the internet by doing something dangerous or embarrassing and posting the video might be a way to get some attention, but attention is not necessarily fame.


Msanii maarufu wa muziki wa injili, Rose Muhando.

JE, Rose Muhando nini nani hasa? Hilo ni swali ambalo watu wengi wanaweza kujiuliza. Yafuatayo ni mambo kadhaa yanayohusiana na nyota huyo mzaliwa wa Tanzania anayeng’ara katika uimbaji wa nyimbo za Injili kwa lugha ya Kiswahili katika Afrika ya Mashariki.

Mwanamke huyo alizaliwa mwaka 1976 katika kijiji cha Dumila, Wilaya ya Kilosa, Mkoa wa Morogoro akiwa mfuasi wa dini ya Kiislam. Hata hivyo, akiwa na umri wa miaka tisa, akiwa amelala kitandani kwa kulemewa na ugonjwa, alidai kutokewa na Yesu Kristo. Ni baada ya maono hayo ambapo alipona na kuamua kubadili dini kutoka Uislam kwenda Ukristo.

Yafuatayo ni mambo 14 ambayo unahitaji kuyafahamu kuhusu Rose Muhando.

1. Rose Muhando alizaliwa nchini Tanzania, na kukulia mkoani Morogoro.

2. Akiwa msichana, Rose Muhando alihudhuria madrasa ambako alikuwa akipata mafunzo ya dini ya Kiislam baada ya masomo ya kawaida shuleni.

3. Akiwa bado mdogo alikumbwa na ugonjwa wa ajabu ambao ulimlaza kitandani kwa miaka mitatu.

4. Ulikuwa ni wakati akiwa mgonjwa kitandani ambapo Rose Muhando anadai alitokewa na Yesu Kristo ambaye alimponya.

5. Kwa mujibu wa ushuhuda wake, kuna sauti ilimwambia: “Mimi ni Yesu, nimekuponya, hivyo amka unitumikie” na kweli akapona kimiujiza. Baadaye akabadili dini kutoka Uislam na kuwa Mkristo.

6. Ni katika sikukuu moja ya Pasaka ndipo alipobadili dini na kuwa Mkristo.

7. Alianza uimbaji akiwa kiongozi wa kwaya ya Saint Mary ya mjini Dodoma.

8. Alifukuzwa katika kanisa hilo baada ya kukataa matakwa ya kanisa hilo ashiriki katika kurekodi nyimbo na kwaya ya kanisa hilo.

9. Hajaolewa lakini ana watoto watatu wenye umri kati ya miaka tisa na 14.

10. Rose Muhando ameapa hataolewa akisema lengo lake ni kumtumikia Mungu.

11. Mwaka 2009, Rose Muhando alishinda Tuzo ya Mwimbaji Bora Zaidi wa Nyimbo za Injili Tanzania, na alishinda pia Tuzo ya Mwimbaji Bora Zaidi Tanzania na kuzawadiwa Sh. 200, 000 na Shirika la Utangazaji Tanzania (TBC) kwa kupitia wimbo wake wa ‘Nibebe’

12. Awali, Januari 31, 2005, Rose Muhando alitunukiwa tuzo za Mtunzi Bora Zaidi, Mwimbaji Bora Zaidi na Albam Bora Zaidi ya Mwaka wakati wa Tamasha la Muziki wa Injili Tanzania 2004.

13. Mnamo Februari 2011, Rose Muhando alisaini mkataba wa kurekodi albam na kampuni la Sony Music ambapo hafla hiyo ilifanyika jijini Dar es Salaam Tanzania, tarehe 9 Februari, mkataba ambao ulikuwa wa kwanza wa aina hiyo katika Afrika Mashariki.

14. Mwaka 2008 alipata Tuzo ya Mwimbaji Bora Zaidi wa Nyimbo za Injili Afrika zilizotolewa na Kenya Groove Awards.

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Many people want to be a hard worker and when they finally do, they boast and become selfish. Well, follow these simple tips and be kind while being a hard worker.

1. Start in your childhood.
This is a big part of learning to be a hard worker. If you start early, you will learn more about this skill and get better at it.

2. Ask to help. Ask others if they could use your help.
Also, ask for help if you don't understand. By doing this, people will recognize you more as a helper. When you help them, work as hard as you can.

3. Don't be selfish.
If you are too selfish, you won't be as hardworking. You always need to think of others when you are working.

4. Persevere through all trials.
If at first you don't succeed, try again! You should always persevere. Do not ever give up, because this is a big part of being hardworking. Hard workers never give up, and this is what helps build upon the skill. Remember, for any positive thing you want to do, always put it in your mind that "yes you can".

5. Share your ideas.
If you have an idea when working on a project, share it! People that are hardworking contribute to their projects by giving new ideas. Your idea may lead to something incredible, and this will improve others' thoughts of you.

6. Be like other hard workers.
There are hardworking people all around us. You should try to act similar to the way they do, because you will learn from them. You can learn from anyone.

7. Keep doing it.
Once you start working your hardest all the time, keep doing it! You should try to get even better. Learning will always help you, and perseverance will too.

8. Believe in yourself.
Know that anyone can be a hard worker! And that everybody when born or given birth has both mental and physical strength.

9. Work smart, work hard and be proud of it.
Hard workers generally thought of as those who work more physically than mentally. In your resume it is better to use the word "smart worker", "productive worker" or "efficient worker". In other words, let it be known that you are a skilled person.


Rumafrica Jumapili hii iliweza kufika katika kanisa la Efatha Mwenge kwa Mtume na Nabii Josephate Mwingira. Mchungaji wa eneo la Sayuni  Mch. Aimana Dominick ndiye aliyetoa neno la Mungu Jumapili hii na alianza kwa kusema, huu ni mwaka wa mtembeo, mtindo wa Bwana kutembea ni tofauti na ule wa  mwanadamu, tunatakiwa kuweka bidii kwa yale yanayompa Bwana utukufu. Tujitahidi mwaka unapoisha tuone matokeo ya mtembeo.
Picha ya Mch. Aimana Dominick katika ibada zilizopita.
Ayubu 22:28, Nawe utakalokusudia Neno nalo litatokea kwako, na mwanga utaangaza njia zako. Ukileta bidii kwa hilo ulilokusudia, litatimia na kuthibitika.Fikiria ni mabo yapi unakusudia mwaka huu yatokee kwako?

Picha ya Nabii na Mtume Josephate Mwingira katika ibada zilizopita.

Unapokutana na changamoto katika wokovu wako, wewe fanya bidii kumtafuta Bwana na kuulinda wokovu wako.Watu wengi wanapokutana na magumu wanamsahau Mungu na kukimbilia kwa waganga au kufanya vitu kinyume na taratibu za Mungu.
Hakuna linaloshindikana kwa huyu Mungu tunayemwabudu, tunatakiwa kutii na kufuata yale anayotuagiza. Mungu wetu ameweka taratibu zake katika Biblia na tunatakiwa kuisoma hii Biblia ili iweze kutuongoza kufuata yale Mungu anataka tuyafanye.

Weka bidii katika kazi ya Mungu ili hilo ulilowekeza liweze kutimia.Hutakiwi kukamata sana udini bali mkamate sana Mungu wako kwa bidii,  unatakiwa kujenga uhusiano madhubuti na Yesu kuliko huyo unayeamini kuwa ni wamuhimu sana hapa duniani.Watu wengi sana wamewaweka watu kuwa miungu yao, eti kwasababu ana mali nyingi na kutokana na mali zake anayeheshimika kuliko Mungu. Kama akiambiwa leo usiende kanisani twende kutafuta pese naye anakubali.
Jambo gani ulisikia na ukafanyia bidii au kulifanyia kazi, na kama ulifanyia ni  kwa kiasi gani? Unapoona changamoto fanya bidii kama ulivyoweka makubaliano na Bwana wetu Yesu Kristo kuwa nikipata fursa fulani nitafanya kwa bidii. Watu wamekuwa wakiomba kupata kazi na wakipata kazi wanaanza uzembe kazini na kufanya kwa ulegevu. Hii sio tabia nzuri na unapofukuzwa kazi unaanza kusema kuna mkono wa Mungu. Fanya kazi yako kwa bidii.
Mungu wetu yupo juu ya changamoto tunazopitia, ahadi za Mungu ni za kweli , kwa hiyo fanya bidii katika hizo ahadi alizokuahidia. Unapopata changamoto usikate tamaa na kurudi nyuma.

Hakuna jambo lolote litakalo zuia wewe kupata hilo ulilopanga mwaka huu, kwa hiyo fanya bidii kwa hilo jambo unalotaka litokee. Kama unataka kupata mtoto mwaka huu basi fanya bidii mwezi huu wa kwanza (Januari), ukifanya uzembe  basi hutazaa mwaka huu, bali utazaa mwakani. Tunatakiwa kuwa wajanja sana katika maswala ya kiimani. Weka malengo yako uliyopanga na fanyia kazi, kwani huo ni waraka wako, uking’ang’ania hilo ulilopanga lazima litokee.
Bwana anasema ni sikukuu siku ile ya kumkiri Bwana, unatakiwa kukiri kwa hilo unalotaka litokee, unapokiri tofauti na neno basi hutapata kile unachotaka kutokea. Kwa mfano unaomba Bwana akupe mtoto, unaenda hospitalini madaktari wanasema hutapata mtoto, wewe amini lile la Mungu.
Unapopewa malengo basi yafanyie kazi ili malengo hayo yatimie kwa wakati wake, neema ya Bwana ipo kwani ipo Mungu wetu siku ataosha ujinga wa kutofanya jambo kwa bidii.

Ili tuweze kwenda vizuri katika ahadi lazima:-
(a) Kuwekeza katika muda.
Ukidhamiria kweli kuwekeza katika muda, muda utakukumbusha, kama ulipanga kufanya jambo kwa muda muafaka jaribu kuwa na kitu kitakacho kukumbusha.

Mungu wetu aliwekeza kwenye muda kwani alisema kuwe na mchana na giza, kila jambo linalotakiwa kufanyika mchana lifanyike na yale ya usiku yafanyike.

Mungu wetu ameweka kitu fulani kwetu sisi, ndio maana kama umepanga kufanya jambo fulani katika muda uliopanga utaona ukifika ule muda uliopanga utasikia sauti inakukumbusha kufanya lile jambo ulilokusudia kulifanya, ukienda kinyume basi utakuwa umepoteza ule muda wako wa kulifanya hilo jambo..

Waefeso 5:15-16, Angalieni sana jinsi mnavyoenenda, sio kama wasio na hekima, maana uovu waweza kukutokea. Unapotaka kuwekeza kitu Fulani usikurupuke bali  angalia kwa makini kabla ya kuwekeza. Unaweza kuwekeza mahali ambapo hutapata faida kama haukuwa makini.

Kwa nini tunataka kuwekeza kwenye muda? Hekima inahitajika sana kuwekeza kwenye muda, hekima ya Mungu inakupa akili ya kutunza muda. Kila iitwapo leo muda hauongezeki kwako, bali muda unapungua ila umri wako unaongezeka kwako.

Unaposikia sauti ndani mwako inasema ufanye jambo kwa kipindi hicho basi fanya kwa wakati huo, ukichelewa lile jambo linabadilika na kuongezeka thamani. Kwa mfano unasikia sauti inasema nunua lile shamba, ukapuuzia, ukija siku nyingine thamani ya shamba inaongezeka.

Mara nyingi tumekuwa hatuwekezi kwenye muda, tumekuwa watu wa kushindwa na kufeli katika swala la maendeleo.Tukubaliane kuwekeza katika muda ili yale mazao mema yaweze kupelekwa sokoni kuuzwa. Makanisa yapo mengi na huduma zipo nyingi lakini yote yatakwenda mbinguni.

Ukikosea kuwekeza kwenye muda piga magoti na muombe Mungu akusaidie ili uvune lile tunda ulilokusudia kuvuna. Tamani kuwekeza kwenye muda na fanya bidii kuwekeza kwenye muda, ukifanya hivyo utaona mambo yako yanakwenda sawa sawa.

Unapoenda ibadani weka kusudio lako kwamba kitu gani Mungu akutendee, usije Kanisani kama mazoea kwani utakuwa unapoteza muda wako na hakuna utakachopata baada ya ibada kuisha.

Ukiona muda unakwenda na kusudio lako halijatokea basi muulize Mungu mbona hili jambo halijatokea?

Jitahidi katika mtembeo huu wa Mungu usiwe msindikizaji, weka makusudio yako mwaka huu kuwa haya nataka yatokee mwaka huu, na yafanyie bidii.

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KANISA la Stockport la nchini Uingereza leo litamwapisha mwanamke wa kwanza kuwa kasisi. Libby Lane mwenye umri wa miaka 48 na ambaye ana watoto wawili atakuwa kasisi wa kwanza wa kanisa hilo la Anglikana. Sherehe hizo zitaongozwa na kasisi Mkuu, John Sentamu eneo la York Minister.

Libby Lane.

Hatua hiyo inayomaliza ukiritimba wa utamaduni wa wanaume kuwa makasisi umeendelea kuzua hisia tofauti miongoni mwa wafuasi wa kanisa hilo la Kianglikana duniani.


Picha zimepigwa na Rumafrica +255 715 851523
Rumafrica siku ya leo ilishuhudia mahojiano yaliyofanyika katika kituo cha redio Uhuru Mnazi Mmoja jijini Dar es Salaam katika kipindi cha FILAMU ZETU kinachoendeshwa na Mama Abdul juu ya ushindi aliopata mwigizaji wa filamu na mkurugenzi wa J-Film 4 Life, Jeniffer Kyaka (Odama) alimshukuru sana Mungu kwa ushindi aliopata baada ya kushindanishwa kati yake na mwigizaji mwenzake Irene Paul kumtafuta mwigizaji bora.

Jeniffer Kyaka (Odama)

Odama alisema, watu wanaweza kuona ni kitu kidogo sana, lakini yeye anakithamini sana kwani kwake ni faraja kubwa sana kuona kuna watu wanahangaika kwaajili yake. Watu wanatumia muda wake na pesa zao kupiga simu redioni kunizungmzia na haitoshi wanaamua kunipigia simu ili nishinde. Nawashukuru sana wadau wangu.

Kipindi hicho kilikuwa kinapambanisha waigizaji bora Tanzania ambapo Odama alipambanishwa na mwigizaji mwenzake Irene Paul. Wasikilizaji wa redio Uhuru waliweza kupiga simu na wengine kutuma meseja za kupiga kura kwa yule msanii waliona ni bora kwao. Hatiamye Jeniffer Kyaka (Odama) aliweza kuchukua ushindi
Mtangazaji wa Redio Uhuru katika kipindi cha filamu Zetu Mama Abdul (kushoto) akisoma historia ya msaanii wa filamu nchini Kenya, na kulia ni Odama akifuatilia historia hiyo.

Odama alimshukuru Mungu kwa ushindi alioupata na pia kwa wale wote waliompigia kura kwa njia ya simu. Ni kitu ambacho hakutegemea kabisa kuwa ataibuka mshindi wa shindano hilo kabambe. Aliwashukuru sana watangazaji wa redio hiyo na uongozi mzima kwa kumpa heshima ya kufanya mpambano huu mkali. Radio Uhuru ni moja ya redio bora Tanzania kwa kazi za wasanii na ndio maana wameamua kuanzisha kipindi cha Filamu Zetu.
 Odama na mmoja wa watangazaji wa kipindi cha Filamu Zetu
Wadau waliweza kuuuliza maswali juu ya malengo yake ya baadae, naye Odama aliweza kufunguka na kuwaeleza kwa sasa yuko katika maandalizi ya kufungua kituo kwaajili ya kuinua vipaji vya wasanii wadogo ili waweze kujulikana kama yeye alivyojulikana na jamii ya Tanzania
 Mama Abdul (kushoto) na Jeniffer Kyaka (Odama)
Wengine walitaka kujua idadi ya filamu ambazo amecheza, naye alisema mpaka sasa amecheza filamu zaidi ya 20 na hivi sasa ametoa filamu mpya inayoenda kwa jina la JADA ambayo itakuwa sokoni tarehe 19.02.2015 kwahiyo wadau wakae mkao wa kula kujipatia filamu mpya. Katika filamu hiyo wataweza kuona mtoto anayeishi na mama wa kambo anavyosumbua familia na kusababisha malumbano na kuvunjika kwa amani ndani ya familia.
 Baadhi ya wadau walitaka kujua siri kubwa ya Odama kutokuwa na skendo mbaya kama baadhi ya wasanii wenzake, naye alisema, hii ni kutokana na jinsi yeye alivyojiwekea katika maisha yake kuwa atajitahidi sana kuishi kama Jeniffer Kyaka na sio kuishi yale maisha ambayo anaigiza katika filamu. Hii imemsaidia sana Odama na ndio maana mpaka leo jamii inamtambua Odama kama mwigizaji asiye na skendo. Pia malezi aliyolelewa na wazazi wake ambayo ni wacha Mungu na hapendi kuona anawaangusha wazazi wake kwa skendo.
Wadau waliweza kupiga maswali mengi sana na hasa juu ya waigizaji wa filamu kuvaa mavazi ya ajabu katika jamii inayowazunguka kama wanavyofanya katika filamu zao, naye Odama alisema, hiyo ni tabia ya mtu na sio kitu kingine, kama mtu amezoea tabia hiyo ataendelea kuwa hivyo. Pia aliwaomba watu wasiwachukulie wasanii kama wote wana tabia mbaya kutokana na wanavyoona katika filamu zao bali watambue ya kuwa kile wanachofanya ni kuwakilisha vitu vinavyotokea katika maisha ya watu mitaani.

 Mkurungenzi wa Rumafrica, RuleaSanga (kulia) na mtangazi wa kipindi cha nyimbo za tarabu redio Uhuru
 Mkurungenzi wa J-Film 4 Life, Jeniffer Kyaka -Odama (kushoto) na Kaimu Mkurugenzi wa redio Uhuru, Angel A. Akilimali (kulia)
 Kaimu Mkurugenzi wa redio Uhuru, Angel A. Akilimali
  Mkurungenzi wa J-Film 4 Life, Jeniffer Kyaka -Odama
 Mkurungenzi wa J-Film 4 Life, Jeniffer Kyaka -Odama (kushoto) akikabidhiwa zawadi ya kalenda ya CCM na Kaimu Mkurugenzi wa redio Uhuru, Angel A. Akilimali (kulia)

Baadi ya wafanyakazi na watangazaji wa redio Uhuru waliweza kupiga picha za kumbukumbu na Odama na ilikuwa kama hivi"-

 Mtangazaji wa redio Uhuru kipindi cha Burudani Ambiance Shtuka, Cecy Jerry aka Mama Cecy au Mwasii Kitoko (kushoto) akiwa na Jeniffer Kyaka (Odama)
 Mtangazaji wa redio Uhuru Scolastica Salim (kulia) akiwa na Odama
 Mtangazaji Neema Mwangomo (kulia) na Jennifer Kyaka (Odama)
  Mtangazaji Neema Mwangomo (kulia) na Jennifer Kyaka (Odama)
 Mtangazaji wa redio Uhuru kipindi cha Hello Tanzania, Sheila Simba (kulia)  na Jennifer Kyaka (Odama)
  Mtangazaji wa redio Uhuru kipindi cha Hello Tanzania, Sheila Simba (kulia) na Jennifer Kyaka (Odama)

Saturday, January 24, 2015



Ephraim Sekeleti kutoka Zambia ameweza kuwashirikisha baadhi ya waimbaji wa kikundi cha GWT katika video yake ya UNIONGOZE katika mkoa wa Mwanza Tanzania. Kama unavyoona katika picha hapo chini jinsi watumishi wa Mungu wakifanya kazi ya Mungu wakiwa wamependeza kabisa, na hii ni kutaka kutuonyesha ya kwamba huyu Mungu tunayemuabudu kila siku anatakiwa kufanyiwa vitu vizuri kwa utukufu wake ili hata mataifa wajue kwa Yesu ni kuzuri. Nisiongee sana ila tazama hizi picha zilizopigwa na Kiongozi wa GWT Emmanuel Mabisa
 Ephraim Sekeleti

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