Sunday, April 24, 2016 was another great day at The SCOAN. The power of God radiated the entire atmosphere as congregants expressed their appreciation through testimonies, songs of praise and worship and dance moderated by the choir. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua delivered many through prayer and prophecy and encouraged them to continue serving God in their new-found freedom in Christ Jesus.

The man of God, in a message titled, ‘FAITH RELATES TO THE INVISIBLE’, frowned on the universal propensity of human beings to repose their faith in man and other things that were created by God. He admonished the world to seek God’s face by believing in Him and putting all their trust in Him, stating that faith relates to the invisible. “The challenge we have today is that if we have faith in anything today it is in man. That is man’s experience. Our faith is always based on the experience of man – what man has done – science, works, organisation and the Bible says we must never make the tragic mistake of believing in an experience.” However, in spite of the failings and ineffectual outcome of man’s departure from God’s will through making the wrong choices, the man of God proffers a solution and urges Christians to imbibe it in order to salvage their already fragmented relationship with Him: “There is no logical explanation for every act of God. All we need is the knowledge of the Word of truth concerning the act. The Spirit makes us to know that believing is possessing. The instant you believe, you have.”

Concluding, he urged Christians to remember the promise of God to His children even in the midst of tribulation, stressing that He rewards those who believe in Him: “God rewards those who serve Him when things seem hopeless. That proves our sonship. The Bible says, in this world there will be tribulation but in the midst of that tribulation, I will save you.”