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“Open the floodgates in abundance… And cause your rain to fall on me”The foregoing hymn by the choir connected with the message of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua titled, POWER FROM ABOVE. Even as congregants savoured the symphonic menu from the choir, their hearts were undoubtedly expectant of goodies from up above and thus inspired them to sing and dance along with passionate intensity. In his message, the man of God called on Christians to realise that only those who are connected to God above are capable of performing great exploits. He observed that such people are not controlled by their own human reasoning but by God’s Spirit which guides them and directs them on what to do at every given time: “You can only get these qualities from God. Those who have these qualities, a suggestion always comes from the Spirit that the action be performed.” In other words, those who are connected to the power from above always get their instructions and directions from God and do not rely on their own thinking.

Speaking further, Prophet T.B. Joshua stated that it is only through the help of the Holy Spirit that one can claim to be a Christian: “No one can say ‘I am a Christian’ without the help of the Holy Spirit.” According to him, there are many problems in the world today because people who are not grounded in the Word are parading themselves as Christians whereas the Spirit is not in them: “When one is not grounded in the Word, there will be nothing there for the Spirit to remind you of.”

The man of God left the following takeaway for Christians who wish to be connected to the power from above: “The Spirit is released to the degree you stand in reverence of God’s Word. God’s Word refreshes our mind and God’s Spirit renews our strength.”

During the Mass Prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua led the onslaught against the kingdom of darkness, taking authority in the mighty name of Jesus to order the release of careers, finances, health, promotion and progress that had been bound by satan and his agents. There were also powerful prophecies that set many captives free through the power of deliverance in Jesus’ name.

Earlier, in her message titled, TODAY’S PASSPORT FOR TOMORROW’S JOURNEY, Evangelist Fanny admonished Christians not to allow the challenges of life overwhelm them to the extent that they lose sight of the glory ahead.

She particularly warned against self-imprisonment through the preoccupation of our minds with worry. According to her, such state of mind undermines God’s purpose for our lives: “Many of us are not free; many of us are imprisoned.” Instead of worrying themselves with the uncertainties of tomorrow, Evangelist Fanny urged Christians to “Live to use today’s supply and let tomorrow be.”