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Prophet T.B. Joshua

The Holy Spirit moved strongly as the entire atmosphere radiated the unfading glory of God. The SCOAN Sunday service of May 22, 2016, reminded people all over the world that, where two or three are gathered in His name, He is always there with them.

The man of God, in his message, dwelt on a variety of issues relating to our relationship with God. Above all, he focused on the need to know the will of God in every situation, especially before prayer. He spoke extensively on the principles of belief as well as our disposition to the will of God. “Believing is simply acting on what God has spoken,” he said, stressing that our belief becomes solid if we base it on God’s promises. In other words, believing God on His promises to us makes our faith and trust in Him stronger: “If your Father has promised you something and you base your belief on that, this believing is solid.”

Speaking further, Prophet T.B. Joshua explained the reason we need to know God’s will and act in accordance with it. He stated that those who commanded things to happen through God’s power are people who already knew that God will answer them. However, he lamented man’s fall from the true sense of believing due to his selfish reasoning that measures God’s love for him according to prayers answered – “Today, you don’t know whether you are a man of faith or not. You measure how God loves you according to the prayer that is answered.”

Prophet T.B. Joshua then took time to prophesy to individuals in the congregation, opening their eyes to the hidden traps set against their destinies by the kingdom of darkness.

Evangelist Cindy

In her message NO SHORTCUT, Evangelist Cindy encouraged Christians to be patient and persevering in the race of life, stressing that the road to glory is not paved with milk and honey but rather is a long and muddy one. She aptly captured the psyche of a faithless generation which would aim for the top without wanting to start from the bottom. But she insists that the attainment of glory is a process which she compared to the baking process. “What are you going through? Many successful people in society had once passed through similar situations before they were promoted to the level they are now. Successful people don’t just drift to the top. It takes focused action, personal discipline and a lot of energy everyday to make things happen. Ask David, he will tell you about his opposition. Ask Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and they will tell you what they had to pass through before coming to a new level of life.” Calling on Christians to always see unpleasant situations as signifiers of impending glory, she urged them to thank God in every situation: “When you look at your situation, it is a signal that something greater is coming. When you know where God is leading you or when you know where you are going, whatever happens to you midway cannot change your focus. Rather, you will begin to describe the taste of honey while swallowing tears. When the goings are good, thank God; when the goings are tough, thank God. When you get there at God’s time, you will begin to sing, “I didn’t know You would favour me this way”.