The SCOAN Sunday service of May 15, 2016 demonstrated the harmony of God’s Word and power. The congregants expressed their joy of being in His presence, knowing that all their petitions and supplications would be heard. The testimonies, prophecies and prayers showed that the Most High is always at work to ensure that those who live in accordance with His will are happy and blessed. The choir ensured that there was never a dull moment as it reeled out soul-lifting melodies to the admiration of the congregants.

Prophet T.B. Joshua’s message, MATCH YOUR ACTION WITH YOUR WORDS, dwelt on the dependability of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The man of God urged Christians to confess Christ and cling to Him if they really expect the positive changes and blessings associated with those who believe in Him: “You have seen the reason to believe Jesus. He is reliable. If you rely on Him, He will not disappoint you. He will not fail you. He is not a man. If you know He is reliable, what you need to do is confess what is in your heart. When you confess what is in your heart, here Jesus comes in to bring the balance. ‘Confess what is in your heart’, means, ‘Match your action with your words’. That is, what you are saying is what you are doing.

But confessing Christ is not all that is required. According to the man of God, we must confess Christ from our heart and with faith because the heart is where the Spirit of God resides. In other words, those who confess Christ in Spirit and in truth will always move God into action, no matter the magnitude of the situation or challenge: “Faith is of man’s heart. Heart means spirit, your spirit. Not in a literal meaning. In your school, it’s not regarded like that. Biblically, heart means spirit of man. Call it heart or spirit. Faith is of man’s heart or faith is of man’s spirit. Heart has to do with now and next. What you are doing now, standing for now, is what you are going to stand for tomorrow. When you confess what is in your heart, the job is half done.”

Concluding, the man of God told Christians to bother less when their matter is before God through prayer. According to him, once God is aware of a person’s situation, He would ensure that the situation does not consume that person. Instead, He would make the person stronger through that situation or challenge: “When God is aware of your situation, don’t bother; the situation cannot kill you any longer, destroy you any longer. Your struggle will make you stronger. It will not impair you but improve you.”

Evangelist Anne earlier spoke on a message titled: GOD’S HAND PERFORMING ALL THINGS. She summed up her message by stating that by the power of the Holy Spirit and obedience, a man can do exploits in the Kingdom through God’s hand performing all things beyond the comprehension of a world full of doubt, intellectualism, vanities and uncertainties: “When the Holy Spirit takes up residence within you, He does so with the thought of aiding you in developing a holy character and so, man will not be judged by the colour of his skin or ability to inspire but by the content of his character. Just as physical growth is a function of time, intellectual growth is a function of learning and spiritual growth is a function of obedience, we grow in character through our obedience to God. God does not necessarily reward, good, smart or intelligent people but He rewards the obedient. The anointing that comes through obedience makes you one with a difference and has God’s hand performing all things through you.”