Prophet T.B. Joshua marked his 53rd birthday anniversary with an explosive Sunday Service as an outpouring of testimonies, signs and wonders filled the screen of Emmanuel TV. The previous day, Saturday, God had unleashed His power on the sick who thronged the premises of The SCOAN to receive their healing as a birthday gift from Heaven. The whole world watched on Emmanuel TV as chains were broken and captives were set free from various afflictions.
After those who had received healing testified during The SCOAN Live Sunday Service of June 12, 2016, the man of God still went ahead to lead a Mass Prayer that saw many oppressed delivered as they manifested and vomited poisonous substances. Those who were watching and praying along with the man of God from their homes around the world also received a touch of God’s grace and blessing. Nations were not left out as their affairs were committed into the hands of God by Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Speaking on the special service of his birthday, the man of God stated, “Birthday is to bless the sick, to deliver those who need to be delivered”. Continuing, the man of God identified with the congregants and people all over the world concerning the present socio-economic realities across the world and the need to persevere in prayer. “In this season, there is poverty and sickness everywhere. God promised to release a mighty anointing to do the job. My people need breakthrough and good health to celebrate better. To have breakthrough and good health, you need a mighty anointing that will separate the wheat from the situation you are complaining of. We have been listening to testimonies since morning and the testimonies will never stop. It is your turn.”

Concluding, Prophet T.B. Joshua called on the Holy Spirit to take over the service.“Let’s welcome the Holy Spirit mightily. Take more of us, Lord and give us more of You – more of Your purity, holiness, faithfulness, kindness. We want Your declaration, confirmation, Lord. Thank You, Lord!”