Miss Mary Okoye with her mother and sisters came to The SCOAN today to share her testimony of how God has set her free from evil spirits in her life. Last week, she was in a company of her girlfriend as she received a message of prophecy from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua that she had the spirit of woman and doesn’t have affection for men. After that, the man of God also called out her second, saying that they were his friends and he then prayed for them in the power of the Holy Spirit. Right there, she received deliverance and today, one week later, she came to share her testimony.

Miss Mary explained that the problem right from tender age when she was in primary school, she never wanted to grow breasts or to have any relationship with men. She felt as if she was among her own kind when she was with men and preferred to have friendly relationship with men while she had sexual urge for women. Because of this problem, she had to drop out of school. She explained that she has never had any kind of sexual encounter with a man. She has only had affection for women. Now, after her deliverance, she doesn’t see herself as a boy any longer. She no longer has any affection for her former girlfriend which she came together with last week. Her affection is now restored and she can see herself marrying a man now.

Ms Ajarat Asara, who was the partner of Miss Mary also came to share her experience and testimony of how God saved her and restored her life. Many years ago, she got married to a soldier and had a child for him. Today, the child is 14 years old. During her marriage, the husband maltreated her and she was always lonely because he was not around for a long time due to his duties as a soldier. He was transferred to Sierra Leone and she was left alone with the daughter. Before going, her husband brought her a check and gave her money for one year until he would come back but the money he gave her was not enough for her to take care of herself and her child. She later decided to leave her husband because her affection for him was lost. A friend then introduced her to lesbianism and she started going out with other women. Later, she met with Mary who she started a relationship with. In the midst of it, they came to The SCOAN last week where Mary received the prophetic message and they both received their deliverance. Now, she sees Mary as a sister, not as her partner any longer and she has no affection for women. Testifying to the glory of God, she replied that she wants to reunite with her husband and continue their family.