Always witnessing the exhibition of the glory of God, The SCOAN congregation were pleasantly surprised to see the documentary of the prophetic pilgrimage of Prophet T.B. Joshua to far-away Israel and Greece played to shore up the faith of believers. The man of God was received in Bethlehem – the birth place of our Lord Jesus Christ – by the Mayor, Mrs Vera Baboun. Mr Ayoob Kara, the Israeli Deputy Minister, Regional Cooperation also met with the man of God in Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel. Renowned disaster rescue organisation ZAKA’s Chairman, Rabbi Yehuda Meshi Zahav also honoured Prophet T.B. Joshua for his humanitarian work with an award.

The next leg of the prophet’s trip to the holy lands, took him to Greece, where he visited the site of the prison that harboured Paul and Silas in Philippi. Led by the Spirit of God, he prayed for viewers and nations all over the world. Using the biblical prison as a point of contact, he commanded every form of spiritual chain to be broken, in Jesus’ name and the testimonies have not stopped flooding in through different media about the forceful power of God that touched people’s lives through the prayer.

Evangelist Yetunde
Meanwhile, in her message titled GOD CAN MAKE YOU FIT FOR IT, Evangelist Yetunde called on Christians not to undermine their capacity to do the great works of God, stressing that whenever God chooses a person for an assignment, no matter how huge it appears, He will make the person fit and equipped to carry out that assignment. Citing the case of Moses who stammered with speech and how God made him fit to lead the Israelites to the promised land, she observed, “When God called Moses in the burning bush for the assignment of leading the people of Israel out of Egypt, He made him fit for it. It is the Holy Spirit poured upon God’s servants that makes them fit for it.” Concluding, she urged Christians not to allow the pleasures of the world to draw them away from God, adding that, “In His Word, we have His peace.”