During The SCOAN Sunday service of 14th August, 2016, the power of our Lord Jesus Christ reverberated all-round the auditorium. The choir reminded congregants that the race is neither to the swift nor to the strong but to God who shows mercy through His son, Jesus, the eternal Redeemer of our sins.

In her message titled, MADE NEW IN CHRIST, Evangelist Catherine, using the analogy of an egg, illustrated the fact that a true Christian would sometimes seem battered when he or she passes through life’s experiences but in the real sense, is only being prepared for a new level in life. She illustrated that crushing an egg shell is never tantamount to destroying the egg itself. Connecting her illustration to the Christian race she added, “My situation may look like setback but it is not. It is to keep and preserve me for a new level in life.”

Citing the example of Joseph who was sold into slavery, she argued that ordinarily, his experiences were inconsistent with his destiny as a great king but he had to experience the dry pit, slavery and imprisonment in order to be positioned for the glory that eventually came his way. She reminded congregants, “Your situation is not an enemy but a friend that God is using to make you new. We must be ready to go through a little discomfort to experience a new level in life.”

Concluding, Evangelist Catherine urged Christians to see the positive side of whatever they are going through: “Whatever you are going through, maybe you are just being broken. Each of us has been endowed with something on the inside that needs to be transferred to the outside. The only way our character grows is by facing difficulties and dealing with problems.”