On Sunday, October 2, 2016, there was a splendid display of God’s power during The SCOAN Live Service. Aside from the inspiring testimonies, the choir was in its usual elements – providing the musical impetus for the Spirit-filled moments of praise and worship. The Mass Prayer session brought the kingdom of darkness to its knees as the fire of God was released at every demonic affliction, yoke and manipulation that had held the children of God hostage. In the end of the spiritual face-off, chains were loosed while age-long afflictions were brought to an end courtesy of the Holy Spirit, which worked in tandem with the Father and the Son to restore glory to God’s children.

In her message titled TRUSTING IN GOD, Evangelist Bose urged Christians to repose their total belief in God, even in the face of the worst of situations. According to her, in spite of the reality of the lion’s den, Daniel refused to give up his trust in the Most High God. He was not only saved from the lion’s, he was set up for a new level in life while his status and relationship with God attained different levels entirely. “He received the future he desired and not the future he feared,” she added.

Continuing, Evangelist Bose observed that the human character must undergo tests in order for it to be shaped for greater things ahead. But when these tests come in the form of humiliation or hardship, a good Christian must not repudiate his faith and focus in God: – “Remember as gold is tested by fire, so also the human character is tested in the furnace of humiliation.” Urging Christians to cling unto their faith in God rather than give in to fear, she concluded, leaving a huge and inspiring nugget: – “I am here to encourage you that you have a friend – the Holy Spirit – who will defeat fear for you today.”