“Your wife bites you,” was the word of prophecy given to Mr Livinus Ifeanyi by Propeht T.B. Joshua earlier this year. To many this is a strange thought but to Mr Ifeanyi, this was an all too real part of his life. For years he had been in an ongoing fight with his wife. Mr & Mrs Ifeanyi were constantly arguing – they even described their relationship as being like a cat and dog. They could no longer find any common ground which led to endless quarrels. T…he arguments escalated when Mrs Ifeanyi began biting her husband out of sheer frustration and anger. 

The pain of arguing everyday was too much for Mrs Ifeanyi and she knew that if God did not intervene in her marriage, it would come to an end. Not wanting to give up just yet, she came to The SCOAN in hopes of a divine solution. She sat up on the gallery of the church when the man of God began to preach. He said, “That thing you are asking of God, ask if it is His Will.” When she heard this word, she began to meditate on it and asked God to help her marriage if it was His Will. With this, she started believing God for a miracle. She later told her husband that the only way that she would stay with him would be if he went to The SCOAN and God located him with a word of prophecy.

With his marriage on the line, Mr Ifeanyi agreed and came to The SCOAN earlier this year, in hopes that God would locate him for his breakthrough. To his great surprise and relief, towards the end of the service, the man of God began to speak about his case, calling him to come forward. Prophet T.B. Joshua told him that his wife had been biting him. Mr Ifeanyi rolled up his sleeves, bearing the bite marks for the world to see that the word of prophecy was indeed true.

From then, The SCOAN evangelists invited Mrs Ifeanyi to come the church to join her husband for reconciliation. The man of God gave them further council and deliverance. Going home with a new perspective on their marriage, they vowed to allow God to work a miracle in their lives.

Today they testified to the glory of God that ever since then, their lives have never been the same. “It’s like we are on our honeymoon. There is so much joy in our house.” They advised the congregation to not hold on to offence saying that humans are not our enemies. They further advised that everyone should seek after their deliverance in Jesus’ name.