The SCOAN Live Sunday Service of December 18, 2016 witnessed the demonstration of God’s everlasting glory. The glorious as well as victorious power of Christ was displayed with the testimonies that greeted the Spirit-filled occasion. The prayer led by Prophet T.B. Joshua further proved that, we as Christians, are drawn in an everlasting battle of supremacy with the kingdom of darkness. The prophecies also revealed the hidden antics of the devil while illuminating the lives of congregants with the resplendent fire of the Holy Spirit.

Speaking about the concept of faith, Prophet T.B. Joshua took Christians on an excursion into the nature and power of faith in their daily living as children of God. He urged them to cultivate Biblical faith which does not deny the existence of a problem and which “…must arise in each person’s heart based on the Word of God”. According to him, “Faith is not an issue of ordering God around”. He lamented the attitudes of some Christians who feel bad and lose faith in God whenever their prayers seem not answered. According to him, God knows best and has His reasons for not answering some prayers. “Who knows what would have happened to you if your prayer for a better life had been answered?” he said.

Earlier in the service, Evangelist Gbenga, in his message, SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM, had called on believers to put the service of God first in every situation so that they may share in the endless glory that abounds in the Kingdom. He reminded them that life is more beneficial when lived in Christ than in the valueless things of the world: “This life is too short to waste time on things that have no lasting value”.

According to him, this world is not our home; our home is more precious and everlasting than this earth and thus, we are only wayfarers on earth: “This world is not our home. We are only passing through”. Even though this world is not our home, Evangelist Gbenga added that we need God to guide us through the rough edges of a wicked world full of evil and strife: “In our passage through this wicked world into our permanent home, we need God so that we will not dash our feet against a stone”. He also observed that the love of money and material possessions above God is evil, adding that, “When fame, wealth and authority come, we become too busy to serve God”.

Concluding, he urged Christians not to bother about their situations. Citing the account of Job who remained faithful in the face of all the calamities that befell him, he submitted that, “Whoever is great among men, it is God that made them so”.