The SCOAN Live Sunday Service of February 12, 2017 was a day in which the diseased received health, the oppressed received freedom and the dead were literally brought back to life – spirit, soul and body.

Speaking on the importance of faith, Prophet T.B. Joshua delivered a thought-provoking message titled: HOW MUCH YOU NEED GOD. He said, “When we examine our daily life, we will find out how much faith we have. Faith is manifested in the small things in our daily life”. He made the message practical with these examples, “To you, you don’t need God to sit down or stand up. You claim you are a Christian – how many of you are sitting in the name of Jesus? Do you know you need God to dress up, make up, comb your hair, to even greet?”
Pointing the way out, Prophet T.B. Joshua continued, “Satan attacks you where you believe you don’t need God. Satan lashes at you in the areas you believe you don’t need God. You create avenues and opportunities for satan to enter. For you to be victorious in life, you must know how much you need God”. 

In her message titled SOLDIER ON,

Evangelist Shade called on Christians to brace up for war if they really want to triumph over the tribulations of this world. “He who desires victory must be ready to embrace war,” she said, adding that “We are not to run from confrontation”. According to her, a good Christian must confront the world with confidence because, “Victory does not begin with fear, doubt or condemnation”.

She warned people of God not to allow their situations to affect their destinies, arguing that no matter what the world throws at them, they should soldier on with their eyes fixed on the victory that would crown their efforts: “Many have changed their destiny by listening to the voice of their situation. Don’t listen to the voice of your situation.” She summed up her deep message with the following philosophical maxim: “Life is not a playground or a bonding meeting; it is warfare.”

Proclaiming victory over their challenges, people from across the globe came forward to testify how God had won their battle: