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Aware that satan is never resting in his bid to destroy God’s heritage on earth, Prophet T.B. Joshua was led by the Holy Spirit to locate the spiritually-oppressed and to declare them free in the mighty name of Jesus. As he laid hands on the congregation, many were emancipated from demonic oppression while those who had been suffering from all forms of career setbacks were redeemed, restored and blessed abundantly. It was indeed another bad day for the kingdom of darkness as all its plans were truncated by the power of the Living God.

Admonishing Christians on the need to nurture their belief in a manner devoid of any form of worry, Prophet T.B. Joshua observed that many claim to believe whereas their mind is restless. He therefore submitted that it is not possible for one to say that he/she believes when the heart is not at rest. The man of God noted that if your heart is not at rest, it shows you have not truly believe adding that whenever you truly believe, your heart will be at rest.”

The man of God also noted that true believing confers on the believer the ability to express his/her faith, adding that anyone who cannot express his/her faith is definitely not a believer: “You say you a believer but don’t know how to express your faith. that shows you don’t truly believe. I am a believer – but cannot talk to God, hear from God. It’s only faith you can apply to hear from God and talk to Him. it means your belief is questionable.”

Concluding, he advised Christians to continue to see God as reliable and real, adding that by so doing, our faith increases naturally: “For faith to increase, you must continue to see that God is reliable, real. That is the basis of faith. He’s real – you rely on Him. He’s reliable – you follow Him. He is wiser than you, smarter than you.”

Earlier in her message titled:

THE PRESENTATION OF EVIL, Evangelist Bose had told Christians that their status as children of God does not mean they are above mistakes. She however reminded them that, by virtue of their relationship with God, they are not like others who are still miles away from the Father: “That you are a Christian does not mean you will not make mistakes; even if you are a born-again Christian, that does not mean you will not make mistakes. Mistakes will come but you are not like others… The difference between you and others is that you already have a relationship with God Almighty…”

Summing up her message, she told Christians the reason they will never lose their place as His children even when they sin against Him. According to her, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ is always there interceding on our behalf: “When you sin or make mistake as a Christian, you have broken the relationship but you do not lose your place as a son. Why? We have someone at the right hand of God, interceding, who remains ever faithful. That is why your place as a son is not lost. Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ wants you back on your feet because He is a faithful God.”