The glorious atmosphere in the auditorium was given a powerful boost by the message of the man of God, ACTING ON THE WORD. Prophet T.B. Joshua urged Christians to spend quality time with the Word of God in order to allow it to permeate their hearts so that they would be empowered to bring the Son of God on the scene in times of urgent need: “You must give your quality time, strength, love to the Word of God.” Speaking further, the man of God pointed out that no matter how great our relationship with God would be, it must be tested through trials and temptations so that there would be mutual trust: “A relationship needs to be tested – it must go through good and hard times before it can be called a relationship.”

According to the man of God, as a Christian, “Crisis or situation is not your enemy but your friend. They are meant to promote you.” He added that “Situations are meant for our spiritual benefit, spiritual growth.” The man of God further emphasised that the spirit of man must be free before it can attract the Holy Spirit, hence the need for Christians to be happy even in the face of situations: “Sadness is not permitted by the Holy Spirit because He wants a free spirit to operate.”

Concluding, Prophet T.B. Joshua reminded Christians of the attack of satan against those who genuinely stand with God: “If you say you are a Christian, satan is coming to confirm whether you are a Christian in your heart.”

In an earlier message titled 5 LOAVES AND 2 FISH, Evangelist Catherine drew the attention of Christians to God’s overwhelming ability to bless them beyond their imagination, if only they abide by His will. According to her, “Jesus has all we need to succeed.” She further stressed the fact that all we need to do as Christians is to believe and act accordingly. She used Peter’s encounter with Jesus as an appropriate analogy: “After following the instruction of Jesus, Peter’s net began to break and his boat began to sink because what God had for him was so huge and massive.” She summed up her message in the following words: “The more you look to him, the more faith you will have in Him and attract his attention.”