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The SCOAN Sunday service of May 7, 2017 witnessed a lot of attractions. Clips of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s second visit to Israel in one week were rebroadcast during the service. It was a spectacular sight to see the man of God being received by the Chief Rabbi of Israel, David Lau in Jerusalem. Prophet T.B. Joshua took time to explain some Biblical Scriptures to the Rabbi who expressed great delight that the man of God was able to enlighten him.

In another clip, Prophet T.B. Joshua was received in grand style by Israel’s Minister of Tourism, Yariv Levin. The minister showed enthusiasm in having the man of God in their midst, saying that he had read a lot about the Prophet. According to him, the presence of Prophet T.B. Joshua in Israel will no doubt bolster the tourism potentials and bilateral relations between both countries. In his reaction, Prophet T.B. Joshua described Israel as his home, adding that he has been visiting the Holy Land for many years now. Concluding, the minister promised to cooperate with the man of God on any area where he needs the country’s help.

Stepping into the auditorium, Prophet T.B. Joshua told congregants that he has been praying for the French Presidential candidate, Emmanuel Macron. According to the man of God, in spite of his apolitical stance, he prays for Macron to come out victorious because of his laudable plans for refugees and immigrants in an era when most countries have shut their doors against them. And true to his prayers, Emmanuel Macron was announced as the winner of the French Presidential elections, hours later.

The man of God went round the auditorium, ministering prophecy, healing and deliverance. Many were healed of age-long debilities while others were delivered from all sorts of demonic oppression. There were those who received life-changing and destiny-transforming prophecies. The testimonies that followed were simply faith-building and to the glory of God.

Earlier in her thought-provoking message titled CHRIST, THE LANDLORD, Evangelist Annette urged Christians to make Jesus the Landlord of their life and not a tenant. She decried the contradictory attitude of most Christians who proclaim Christ but behave in ways that portray them as His enemies: “If you took some time to reflect on life, I believe you would find that there are many things that seem to stand as contradictions.
 For example, many will say one thing but then do another. That is, their words do not reflect their behaviour, character and lifestyle. In Christianity, for instance, we have many who claim to be Christians yet consult witch doctors and spiritualists when looking for a solution to their problems in life, instead of Jesus – the Answer to all fundamental issues of life. That is a contradiction.”

Speaking further, she observed that the mind of a true Christian must be trained to be his/her servant and not master. According to her, it is only by so doing that he/she would be able to allow God be the Landlord, in spite of the usual and inevitable conflicts that the heart must have had to deal with: “The great thing that the Lord looks at and requires is the heart. That is why your heart must be trained to be your servant and not your master. In the heart of man, there is a constant conflict, a constant struggle, a constant war against the flesh and the spirit, against, good and evil, against faith and doubt, against humility and pride, against hope and despair, against peace and anger, against patience and impatience, against self-control and greed, against love for Christ and love for the world.”

Concluding, Evangelist Annette left congregants with the following food for thought: “Christ that energised you wants to dwell in you. Our failure to give Christ His proper place in our heart is actually responsible for the crisis in our faith. But as you open your heart to God’s Word, His faith and His Spirit, the Lord will make His home in your heart and become the Landlord, for home is a heart where God dwells.”