The service was awash with practical instances of the release of God’s power through healings, deliverances and testimonies. The atmosphere was one of total victory for the children of God, including those who were watching via Emmanuel TV from different parts of the world, knowing that distance is not a barrier. The choir animated the day with rich tunes embellished with the Scripture for the edification of the souls of Christians all over the world.

Admonishing Christians to develop the habit of meditating on God’s Word and keeping their spirits free from sin, Prophet T.B. Joshua observed that it would influence their conduct and behaviour – “When you meditate on the Word of God day and night, you will keep the Word and it will influence your conduct and behaviour.” He added that, when the Word of God influences a Christian’s conduct and behaviour, it brings about deliverance.

He also stated that deliverance brings about blessings – “Once you are delivered, blessings come. Deliverance is salvation and when salvation comes, all things will be added.” The man of God further reiterated the need for Christians to meditate on the Word of God always. “The Word of God, a Spirit, creates material things. This shows that the Spirit is greater than material things”, he remarked, adding that the first place we are to prosper is in our spiritual lives.

Concluding, he urged Christians to give to the needy because, according to him, “Giving is to reshape our destiny. Out of the multitude of sins you have committed, giving covers it all.”