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Last Sunday, the mighty hand of God was put to instant use as Prophet T.B. Joshua declared war on all infirmities, in the mighty name of Jesus. Many received their healing immediately after coming in contact with the anointed touch of the man of God during the Mass Prayer. Perennial afflictions used by satan to hold God’s children in captivity were dismantled and crushed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Inability to walk, arthritis and all forms of infirmity were reversed. The testimonies are too many – a sign that the Kingdom of God is winning the battle. The choir moderated the occasion with musical mementos rooted in the Scripture. Their songs inspired the feelings of victory, glory and redemption through Christ Jesus.

In his message titled, “PRESS IN TO TOUCH JESUS,” Prophet T.B. Joshua admonished Christians on the need to repose their trust in God, adding that we can only have access to His blessings when we put a demand on the anointing. “God is reliable. If God is reliable, you must put your trust in Him. How do we put our trust in Him? We put our trust in God by using our faith to put a demand on the anointing. Anointing is the power of God,” he observed.

Speaking about the woman with the issue of blood, the prophet said, “She believed enough to press in to touch Jesus for her healing. There was not only so much crowd but also hindrances and obstacles. You must press in to touch Him to heal you. ‘I believe! I press in to touch You; Jesus, heal me. I press in to touch You; Jesus, deliver me. I press in to touch You; Jesus, bless me. Let Your seraphim touch me, in Jesus’ name’.” Then, the prophet declared, all who press in to touch Jesus will be like that woman of whom the Lord said, “ ‘Somebody touched me for I perceived power going out of me’. Who touched Jesus? You!”

You can only maintain that touch, that blessing, that healing, that deliverance as you “continue your meditation on God’s Word in your heart. ‘I am here in Your presence; I am here for You. Use me, Lord. Make me Your channel – a channel of shining light, a channel of forgiveness, a channel of holiness, a channel of purity, humility, faithfulness, goodness and self-control, Oh Lord Jesus’.”

The man of God summed up his message in the following prophetic declaration: “I release you for meditation because that is what you will live on for the rest of your life. Don’t for any reason forget your meditation”.

Putting the message straight into practice, Prophet T.B. Joshua walked into the midst of the congregation and unleashed God’s power onto the scene in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. He met a young 12-year-old girl sitting with a body brace encasing her small frame. In company of her parents, Miss Favour Okere cried out for help. Encouraging her faith for a miracle, the prophet instructed her to pray, “I press in to touch You, Oh Lord; heal me, in Jesus’ name!” Then, with just a tap, she was standing on her feet removing her brace and walking freely, healed to the glory of God. The moment she realized her healing, her countenance changed and the young girl broke into a run, shouting, “Thank You, Jesus!” God’s power continued to manifest itself as Prophet T.B. Joshua continued to make his way through the crowd. The evidence of this power of Christ Jesus is shown throughout the abundance of testimonies below.