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Sunday 11th March 2018 was another remarkable day in God’s presence at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations filled with faith-lifting testimonies, Spirit-filled worship and wisdom-laden teaching.

Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke on the importance of the Holy Spirit’s leading in the life of a Christian in a sermon titled, ‘ACCORDING TO GOD’S SPIRIT’. “Faith requires us to speak them before we feel or see them. You have to begin by believing, confessing and acting on God’s Word. Then, you can bring Jesus on the scene instantly,” he encouraged the congregation. “What is going through your heart determines the life you enjoy. That is, the words you speak determine the life you enjoy. The words a man speaks create the blessings or curses that come his way. The reason is that your mouth is a revealer of the belief in your heart.”

He went further to explain how ‘ceremony’ has infiltrated Christian services to the point that we are often led by man’s plans and not the Holy Spirit’s. “You can only be a Christian according to His Spirit. No one can say, ‘Jesus is Lord’ except he is led, helped and guided by the Spirit. It means you must be led to be a Christian. There is a difference between Christians and religious people. With what we are seeing in the world today, it’s so difficult to actually know who is a Christian because the Church has been taken over by ceremony. It’s only by the Spirit of God that you can know who is a Christian or a religious man because everywhere is ceremony – according to the syllabus, timetable and programme.”

Concluding, Prophet T.B. Joshua stressed the importance of meditation on God’s Word to enable its life-changing truths to enter your heart and thus positively influence your behaviour. “The Spirit of God will be released to the degree you stand in honour of His Word. How do we honour His Word? We honour His Word when we begin to meditate. Meditation brings revelation. By meditation, our heart acts upon the Word. That is, your spirit acts upon the Word. When this happens, it begins to influence your conduct and character.”

Earlier, Evangelist Ruth gave a lively message titled, ‘DISCOVER YOURSELF’ which centered on the importance of uncovering and following the direction of God’s calling for one’s life. “If you knew what it cost Jesus to produce life, you would know how to use it. However, instead of realising the potential God has given us, we spend most of our time wishing, desiring and praying to be like someone else. Have you ever sat down and thought that someone somewhere wants to be like you? The greatest sickness in the world today is discontentment,” Evangelist Ruth exhorted the congregation.

Stressing that material wealth should not be viewed as a yardstick for success, she continued, “That a man is rich does not mean he is better than you in the presence of God. Don’t worry when you see others seem to succeed who make it in dubious ways. Don’t use other people’s standards to measure your strength and your weakness”. 

The message concluded with a poignant reminder that joy is the “conquering power” for all believers. “Remember, real joy comes not in getting what we want but in wanting to be close to God. Whenever our joy seeps out and leaves us barren and empty, it proves that we are out of fellowship and contact with God. What is that joy? That you have discovered yourself – you are wired in a unique way to the Creator of Heaven and earth. Jesus has blessed you, healed you, rescued you and redeemed you. But He will not maintain it for you. Until the end of your days, you have to play your role. What Is your role? Appreciation.”

Prophet T.B. Joshua then began to move in the midst of the congregation with pinpoint prophetic accuracy as God used him to expose the root cause of people’s problems and release them into lasting solution. The time of Mass Prayer was equally riveting, as people throughout the auditorium got connected to the Heavenly anointing to receive their healing, deliverance and freedom in Jesus’ name.